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eScan Review

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This eScan review remains a useful source of information for people, who tend to reach the best security software available on the current market. With eScan Review, you can easily protect your mobile phone or tablet, and set a bunch of useful functions.


Escan Mobile is an easy in use and user-friendly application that was specially created in order to provide a complete safety of your Android device.

The software is available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Romanian, Latin and Vietnamese languages.

The Escan Review shows that developers provide a full support of an app. In case of any problems appeared, you can create a support request to reach online technical support group. The customer support team is available round-the-clock.

Escan Security provides a wide variety of functions that help to guarantee your device full safety. It let users to block their phones, tap certain commands and send SOS SMS in case of emergency.

eScan review shows the software is very convenient in use, as all the settings can be easily made by taping on a certain menu.


The price is quite substantial. Nevertheless, it remains affordable. The software with such feature collections and great blocking abilities costs its precise price for sure.

eScan Mobile Security: what kind of app is it?

eScan Mobile Security for Android is a special application designed in order to protect your tool against all up-to-date cyber threats, including viruses and malware. The app works on providing nonstop use of your phone, including restricting unauthorized data admission, SMS and calls, once the device is stolen or lost.

Escan Mobile provides you with an opportunity to trace current location of your phone, also to restrict access to calls/SMSs and block it, in case it is stolen or lost. Moreover, an available parental control function allows checking on your kids, providing an extra protection and blocking harmful content. It also allows blocking unwanted websites and harmful programs. Once sending an SMS on the mobile phone, when it is lost or stolen, you can block it, locate, wipe existed data, SMSs and calls or raise an alarm on the phone.

According to this eScan review, the app also allows locking the phone, once the unlock tries fails more than two times. The phone will also take a photo of the person, who uses it illegally. The GPS locate feature allows locating the exact device, once it is stolen or lost. Another feature that allows getting a notice once the SIM is changed, provide additional knowledge. Escan Security provides additional security measures in cases, when you face some dangerous situations. In order to send a SOS SMS, you simply need to press the power button 3-5 times or shake the device as many times.

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Why should I use the app?

This application is a key software every Android user needs in order to keep his device safe and secure. With this app your gain extra possibilities, including parental control feature needed to be always sure your kids are safe, and many other useful functions.

The application provides numerous highly useful features:

  • Antivirus: Real-time scanning and protection option. Allows preventing and blocking viruses that may infect the device. Protects from other numerous cyber threats as well.
  • Anti-theft: Let user to block a device remotely, once it was lost or stolen. Allows wiping a data, blocking SMS and calls, and tracing GPS location.
  • SMS and Call Filter: Allows setting certain parameters in order to filter SMS and calls by the means of Blacklist and Whitelist options.
  • Backup: Allows reinstating the contacts or SMSs on the memory card.
  • Parental Control: Let users to check on their kids by blocking access to certain websites.
  • Privacy Guide: Provides the list of apps using device approvals.
  • Application Control: Allows blocking access to definite applications. The blocked programs will be added to a certain lists.
  • Personal Security: In case of emergency, sends a SOS SMS on the alternative number, including accurate GPS location.
  • Share App: Give a permission for sharing eScan Pro with your friends and family through Bluetooth or email.
  • Lock Watch: Once unlock tries fails more than two times, takes a picture of a person that use the phone.
  • Widget: Let user to gain a fast access to Scan, Call logs, Update, Block and the device optimization option.
  • Planned Scanning: Helps you to plan a regular scanning of a device.
  • Round-the-clock Online Technical Support: 24/7 free online support via live chat, email or forum.
  • Languages Available: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Romanian, Latin Spanish and Vietnamese.

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System Requirements

Before starting to install the software on your device, check in advance whether it meets the requirements presented below:
– Operating System: Android 2.2 and above.
– Minimum Storage Necessary 10-15 Mb.
– Internet connection.
The app does not support rooted devices.

How to install security for Android?

In order to install eScan Pro for Android follow the next steps:
1. Look for the eScan Mobile application in Play Store.
2. Or use the link presented below to install eScan Security for Android:
3. Save the .apk file to your phone memory and tap on it in order to install.

License Activation

Once you have bought the eScan tool, you need to enter a valid key in order to activate the product. In case you bought the product online, the key will be sent on your email address, as the license key is included into a purchase cost.

  • – There are two types of activation: the most convenient nowadays Internet mode and traditional SMS mode. The activation through Internet is immediate, when activation through SMS may take up to 48 hours.
  • – Only one key can be activated on one device.
    Once you start the activation process, the next things you will see on the screen are following:
  • – Enter License key
  • – Name
  • – Valid E-mail Address
  • – Country

You have also a possibility to activate Free Trial, available for 14 days. Once filling up all the requisite information, tap the Activate Online button to activate the product. Free Trial requires no activation key.

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Administrator Backgrounds

First, you must share Device Administrator rights with eScan Pro, with a key purpose to perform the next steps:

Secret Code: Once you have just started installing the app on your Android, it will ask you to choose and place a secret code for your phone or tablet. The length of the code is between 4 and 16 digits.

Fixing the Secret Code: The app allows fixing the Secret Code, just in case you have lost or forgotten it, through your valid e-mail address.

Antivirus: The Antivirus provides the safety of a phone from various malware viruses and harmful software.

Scanning: You can set a scheduled scanning of the device, once tap the Scan button, in order to block any harmful malware to infect it.

Antivirus Updates: EScan Pro allows updating your phone with the latest and the most effective antivirus updates.

Parental Control: The option allows checking on your kids, and blocking access to certain harmful programs and websites. The Parental Control mode can be activated through the main menu, where you can also set filters for websites by taping on the submenu.

Blocking Websites and Programs: Allow creating special list of blocked programs and websites you think may be harmful for you or your device. Once you tap on a certain site or app to block, it will be added to the list chosen.

SMS and Call Filter: This option lets you to filter calls and SMSs. You can whitelist and blacklist definite numbers, words, sayings and keywords. In order to filter a content, tap the SMS and Call filter menu. In the Whitelist and Blacklist appeared identified numbers, words and phrases you want to add.

Anti-Theft Feature: The feature provides security of the mobile phone, and protects it from unauthorized access. With this option you can wipe the data if needed, block certain actions, watch SIM and lock the mobile phone. All the functions can be activated remotely, once sending SMS on the target phone.

Personal Security Feature: This feature will send a SOS SMS with an accurate GPS location on the definite alternative mobile number. A device will send SOS SMS, once you shake it 3-5 times, or tap a power button as much times.


If you are searching for a highly effective safety-providing application for Android, eScan Pro is the best option for you. The eScan review shows the software provides round-the-clock advanced protection of a phone. The application is very easy and convenient in use, and requires only 8 Mb of memory. According to EScan Mobile Security Review, It protects a mobile device from different threats, including cyber threats and harmful malware. You can filter SMSs and calls, block certain programs and websites, activate lock down and alarm procedures, trace the GPS location of a gadget.