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Most people use smartphones or tablets nowadays. These mobile devices have become our useful assistants in everyday life. So if you aspire to spy on someone, you should better use such polarity of mobile devices. And Auto Forward is application that will help you.

It is compliant with both Android and iOS gadgets. You are presented a full Auto Forward review to find out how it works and which advantages has. It will help you to make a decision does the software deserve to be bought or not.

The Auto Forward inside

Application has lots of advantages. Here are some of them:

  • software works with mobile devices based on Android operating system and iGadgets including iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and all iPad models. Software works with all popular cell phones brands including Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. It is also running on all Apple devices.
  • it doesn’t require any additional rights on the gadget. You have no need to make your iPhone jailbroken or Android device rooted. All features are available without such manipulations. Besides, it is a rare advantage because most spy software requires additional rights.
  • program has excellent customer support. In case any problem happens or you need an advice contact with specialist at official website. They work around the clock so you will get qualitative consultation even the night before Christmas.
  • there is no need to buy subscription every month. If you had used monitoring applications before, then you will value this so much. Other developers prefer to lock up customers with monthly fee, because it is more profitable for them. Clients pay smaller prices, but in a real spend in 10+ times much money.
  • pricing is quite affordable. The app costs only $69.99. You make one payment and enjoy the software as you want.
  • application has constant updates. Don’t worry you will pay for application and in several months in will be deprecated. Developers always take care about current users so they release free lifetime updates time after time.

There are the most important particularities of this application. But Auto Forward review has just started, so read more about its options and benefits.

Why you should choose Auto Forward for Android devices?

This software was tested on numerous cell phones and tablets based on Android operating system. The results show that it is well-done application to spy listed below devices.

The Auto Forward can monitor all target person’s activity: calls, texts, emails, location, posts in social media, etc. You will be sure that no valuable data is missed. So use your chance and be in touch with your target person even if you live in different countries.

Besides, this application doesn’t need to root your gadget. As many specialists insist rooting may cause irreversible effects in its system. There were cases when people having tried to install other spying software on target device just broke it. So don’t risk and choose verified software. Visit to know more.

The best software for Apple devices too

Auto Forward is proper program for all users, because it works with iPhones and iPads as good as with Android gadgets. And among rivals, this app has one unanswerable advantage. What is it? It is called non jailbroken.

In general all cell spying software is divided into 2 groups:

– those which require device to be jailbroken;

– those which doesn’t require additional rights.

And statistics said that almost all apps belong to first category. But Autoforward doesn’t. So you don’t need to jailbreak iPhone or iPad. Besides, not everyone can do it without crashing the device.

 So Auto Forward app for Apple devices has the following advantages:

– you don’t have to jailbreak gadget;

– you can monitor the target person without getting access to tablet or cell phone spy;

– you won’t worry about its stable work.

Notice that Auto Forward is one of two current programs which are compliant with the latest versions of iOS (9.2 and iOS 9.3 beta). It means you will not be limited in spying.

So if you are going to monitor person which is using any Apple device then choose Auto Forward. Reviews demonstrate that it is safer and more stable than others. Visit official website to know more about your options and benefits.

What do you need to do for spying?

All Auto Forward reviews demonstrate that you have to make 5 simple steps and the world of secret spying will be opened for you.

  1. Link to official website and pay for application.
  2. Check your email for your personal username, password, license key and link for download.
  3. Download the application by the listed link. It is better to use over-the-air method.
  4. Active it using your personal data.
  5. That’s all! All process will take less than 5 minutes. And now you can start spying.

Don’t be afraid to use this application! It’s quite easy to be installed. You can’t break something while installing. If you don’t understand any feature or something in downloading makes you unsure just find more reviews or visit official website to get a consultation. The customer support works around the clock so you will get proper help.

How Auto Forward gets information about target person

It connects to all applications on target device and transfer all logs to you. You will get information about each call, text, email, and added contact. The application starts spying just after you run it on the device. The ‘run’ means to log in with your password and username.

So first of all you need to discover more information about the Auto Forward features. Official website can help you very much.

What are you able to do

1. View text messages. It works this way: when a new text comes to inbox or the target person sends a new one, its copy goes to you. Besides, you will receive those messages which were deleted. The same thing happens with iMessages – a special application on iPhones and iPads.

2. Get the information about calls both income and outcome. Besides common data, you will know the duration of each conversation.

3. Record calls. The Auto Forward automatically records all calls. So you can listen to voices and spying phone on all conversations.

4. Capture emails. Besides texts, you will know such additional information as data, sender or addressee, transferred media files, etc.

5. Track the location. The application uses the GPS feature inside all devices. So you can monitor where your target person spends more time and where he or she is at the moment.

6. Spying on media files. This feature will find all videos and photos and show you them.

7. View browser history. This option is quite useful for everyone from parent to spouse. It allows seeing which websites were surfed.

8. Have a remote control. This benefit includes several advantages. Firstly you can lock device even if it is not in your hands. Just click on the special bottom. It is very useful if you lost gadget or someone stole it. Secondly you can quickly uninstall Auto Forward if it is needed. It will happen just after you send SMS on target phone.

9. Make a screenshots. The phone monitor software can manage stealth camera so you will easily get secret photos.

10. Get alerts. It sends you an alert every time a certain world is used. To make this option work you should plan the word beforehand.

11. Spy on messages and media files in social media. The application supports all most used networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

12. Monitor all applications. If you need to make sure which software is installed and which is working at the moment, just view this information in app. You also can get general information about the device (the level of battery, IMEI number, etc).

If you need to spy on kinds, employees, or beloved then Auto Forward is a good choice. It has wide array of useful options which can let you know more important data about target person. It combines nice services, stable work, pleasant interface, and affordable price. Just buy it and use as long as you like. With Auto Forward monitoring job will be well-done!

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