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Software website: flexispy.com

Contrary to the majority of other electronic monitoring software, feature Flexispy will not operate in total stealth. The icon appears in the utensil window as it runs behind the scenes while not interfering. The program holds the targeted user responsible in his knowledge. It was produced to be quicker and remade for simpler entry to the marked phone and hold the majority of the basic applications.

After the installation the program allows information to be transmitted to the account holder so that the user can then explore reports on call records, texts, media, contacts, activities and GPS location. When the phones contacts are updated a notice will be transmitted from the targeted device.


The program allows both guardians and bosses to obstruct exact pages from entry, talking with specific contacts or numbers, transferring exact applications, and keyword searches. The user can also limit use of the phone with the time scheduling application. At this time the marked phone can only call emergency or allowed numbers from the owner.

Flexispy app also can use GPS application to find the cell phone. It also encodes the information transferring from mobile phone to the account holder in order to prevent hackers and criminals gaining access to the phone monitored and its information.

However, some minor flaws are found in the software which drops it down the list. The program will not send notices if the SIM is altered or removed; also you are unable to clean or block the device from a distance, an advantage found on the majority of monitoring programs. Most importantly, the software can only be used with Android and Blackberry and since there are more than a few users with Windows and iOS that is a huge downside for the program, having said that, the program works fairly well on the other two phones. The website offers mail and telephone customer service as well as the owner book available, and a FAQs area.


This electronic monitoring program is quicker and been upgraded to aid the users with accessing the monitored phone quickly and simply.


Flexispy software unfortunately costs too much for it’s set of options.

The decision

Flexispy is not supported on every type of mobile OS, which makes it less than a desirable choice for cell phone spy programs.


The program is a fair alternative if you do not need to be stealthy; you are only truly worried about the safety of a loved one. The applications are suitable for an agreeable monitoring. The fact that the program is not compatible with all platforms and costs much makes it less of a competitor.

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