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Software website: highstermobile.com

Highster is modern software which allows you going behind the scene someone else’s life. With the help of this application you can not only manage own life, but also be an invisible part of your target person’s day and night. 

Anyone can become your ‘target’:

  • a shy teenager, who always tries to hide from you all pieces of his or her life;
  • your spouse or beloved no matter how long you are together;
  • employees or colleagues if you are the head of department or whole company.

So Highster is a universally applicable application, which can hold lots of information in one place.

Several advantages of Highster

You shouldn’t worry about its compliance with different operating systems. The software is good for both Android and iOS devices. You can spy on iPhone, smartphone, tablet, and iPod owners.

The process of installation is so easy that you will pass on it less than 5 minutes. This software proposes clients really wide array of features. You can spy on calls, read logs, track phone location, etc.

And the sweetest thing is a price for Highster. Of course, if you need to check someone you are ready to spend as much money as it is needed. But how pleasant it is to save money and get qualitative application for attractive price! This is about Highster mobile. Reviews insist this software is one of the cheapest among rivals on the spy application market.

You don’t need to pay for program every month. It is very rare feature because most spy apps demand you to pay in such a way. In case of Highster your pay $69.99 for the one time and use all its advantages as long as you want. Just count for a minute how much money you will save!

Useful advices from Highster mobile reviews

So you have done the payment. It means that developers have already sent you instructions. Follow their simple how-to and in several minutes the target device will be ‘equipped’ with proper software.

Note: if you need more information or something doesn’t work link to the official website. Developers provide customers with 24/7 customer support.

After all preparations are done, you can start monitoring. So open Highster mobile control panel from any device you are comfortable. This is your personal account where you can see the target person’s activities, download logs, etc.

It’s important: no one can see the Highster is installed on the gadget because of hidden feature. The target person won’t find its signs on desktop or in settings. According to Highster mobile reviews it doesn’t make the device slowing down.

  1. Texts. This is a request number one among our customers. The point is that people who try to hide something from others prefer to use text messages. Such way of communication allows sending your minds without using voice. It’s quite useful for cheating spouse or implicit teenagers. The Highster will help you to monitor the target person’s incoming and outcoming texts, transferred data, contacts, etc.
  2. Calls. With Hyster mobile you are able to monitor contacts in contact lists, all both calls outcome and income, the time of calling, etc.
  3. Location. The Highster mobile spy can easily determine where your target person is right now. Only the GPS feature must be turn on. Besides, you will be able to track someone else’s route using location history.
  4. Camera. All modern devices have cameras, and most of them even two. That’s why you will easily get secret screenshots from target device. The Highster mobile review praise this option.
  5. Browser history. No matter how old we are and what profession we have, we use search engines to find anything we need. So getting access to such valuable information will let you know which websites was opened. Parents will easily detect violence and pornography resources, bosses will find websites which don’t connect to current work, etc.
  6. Media files. Usually people send each other photos and documents. With Highster mobile you can find lots of useful information to detect unfair person.
  7. Emails. Who doesn’t have an email box nowadays? At our modern time when even chihuahua can have own account in Instagram, people still use mail as one of the most comfortable way to communicate with colleagues and relatives. With Highster you can safely read letters in all folders. Names of contacts will also be available.
  8. Contacts. Special instrument uploads all names with detailed information to live control panel. So you can easily view how many contacts your target person has, with whom she or he has conversations, etc.
  9. Social media live. Highster let you monitoring profiles in social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Also you can spy on instant messaging apps (Viber, Skype, WhatsApp).
  10. Remote control. This software can’t be detected by someone else but you. So you can feel safe. But if something happens and you need to uninstall Highster very quickly it will be done. Just use special option in live control panel.

Now you know 10 the most popular features of Highster, but in a real the list is much longer. You can clear up more information at Web. That’s why Highster mobile spy reviews  can be very useful for new customers. You can visit highstermobile.com and find out more information about it or ask any questions. Also developers propose Highster mobile free download on their official website.

Which gadgets are compliant with Highster?

The software is compliant with all Android an iOS devices no matter it is smartphone or tablet. It supports the following operating systems:

1. Apple iOS 6 – 8.4. Notice, that your device must be jailbroken.

2. Android 2.1 and up to. It’s not obviously to root the device.

Unfortunately, the software doesn’t work with older operating systems.

Highster mobile spy has friendly interface, which is easy to understand even for those people who don’t use mobile technologies every day. This software has special live control panel which allows monitoring target person from all sides. With such dashboard all information will be gathered in one place. Also with live control panel you can change any settings.

3 steps to start using Highster

The installation doesn’t require much time or special skills. You just need to follow 3 simple steps.

#1. Download the app using your browser. Just follow the link on official website.

#2. After you have finished with installation you need to launch application on target device. Turn it on, type the number of target person and put your personal license code.

Notice: you need to have 2-3 minutes with target device tete-a-tete.

#3. If everything is done you will get the message that registration is successful. Only one thing is left – to restart the gadget.

Since that time you are able to sign in your personal account in live control panel from any device and start monitoring.

Advice: spend a little time on discovering Highster features. You may find something very interesting.

How-to for beginners

  • Do I need to root Android device before spying on it?

In general, Highster doesn’t require additional rights. So there is no need the device to be rooted. But notice: if you aspire to spy on instant messaging software rooting is obvious.

  • How much time do I need to install Highster?

According to developers’ instructions, the whole process requires several minutes. At first customer have to purchase the product and then follow all instructions in email. You will be said to type above-noted link in your browser history and download app. Besides the link for downloading, you will find the link to the installation dashboard. So you can log in your personal account and manage all target people’s activities.

  • Can I install Highster without having the target device in own hands?

No, you can’t. But you need only 2-3 minutes of physical access to gadget to provide the installation. Make sure it’s enough in Highster mobile review.

  • How soon I can start spying?

Just after you finish installing app and put all settings, the Highster will start working. In live control panel you will monitor all activities in a real time or watch logs.

  • How does Highster work?

It connects to all applications on target device and uses information they share. As a result customer can see current and finished activities in live control panel.

The Highster mobile review deserves attention. This application has lots of advantages which can really help you in personal life or career. Besides, you won’t find any other phone track program where the quality meets the price. You can use Highster mobile free application as long as you like. Just make one payment and don’t worry about the monthly charge.

Do you need more information about Highster? So link to official website highstermobile.com and get all answers you need.

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