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The more expensive plans will let the user monitor several phones at once. This spy software has GPS to find the targeted mobile if it is lost, as well as clean the data or bolt it in order to protect against future unauthorized use. It also transmits warnings and notices to the account holder regarding the sim card of damage or replacement. It also enables for the account holder to record or hear in real time a conversation. There is an app that enables the marked phone to become a mic for recording the environment even if the marked phone isn’t in use.

The electronic monitoring software is available with different plans, therefore you will need to make sure the one you have chosen or seen reviewed has the options that you want. For this analysis the Pro package is chosen for its regular applications. Similar to many other monitoring software, it provides reports on calls with all the data including time, length, and number. It transmits a duplicate of the texts both received and sent from the marked phone. The internet sites visited and favorites are also viewable with the software. Dissimilar of other programs, MobiStealth supplies the total ability to view the calendar activities, contacts, and any recent updates made to it.


It contains all the applications of elementary phone spy software but is easy to setup and use.


Software setup on the marked phone is unable to be obstructed from the command page of MobiStealth.

Our Decision

MobiStealth phone software is available at an inexpensive cost and holds all the essential monitoring features, however, filtering application are lacking.


While the software offers a useful bargain for your investment, you also should be aware of what is not offered. Similar to a few of the other programs, it is not able to block websites. The application of blocking specific contact through text or call to the marked phone is not available. As well as keyword blocking is not available.

Now that you know what isn’t available with it, you will see that the program is available at an affordable cost and has various plans from which to choose from, which is great news for users who appreciate alternatives. The products website provides guidelines, FAQs, and other news, but telephone and live chat aid are not available.


While MobiStealth has both positives and negatives, it is inexpensive with a variety of levels to pick from. It is also simpler than many monitoring programs to setup and use and the few features that are unavailable can be adjusted to the price

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