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There are plenty of spying applications with wide array of benefits. It makes them useful for all our needs: monitor activities of husband or wife, kids, colleagues, etc. But there also specialized apps exist which are concerned on exact spying. One of such program is Phone Sheriff. It is created for careful parents who try to protect their child from cruelty in the Web. Frankly speaking, it also can be used for any other target persons. But application has special features which make sense only for child’s protection.

What are the main advantages of Phone Sherif

–       you can provide time-limits control;

–       app opens for you several kinds of logs (for instance, call logs, browser history logs, etc);

–       has excellent location tracking features;

–       has specialized options for children’s safety (for example, panic button).

But here are several dark sides of this application:

1.    It could be quite difficult to install. You need to follow all developers’ recommendations to avoid difficulties and bugs

2.    You can catch a bug using browser blocking and site filtering features. To know how to avoid these problems visit official website for more information or consultation with online specialist at

And what is a final verdict?

In general Phone Sheriff is very useful application. Monitoring calls, texts, browser history allows them preventing lots of troubles. So this is a good choice for attention and concerned parents.

You can use PhoneSheriff review and try this software to make own decision.

Technical details about Phone Sherriff installation

All Phone Sheriff reviews demonstrate that to start using this software you have to pay $89.99. This is the price for one year of usage. It means no monthly payment is needed. When most developers prefer to establish monthly fee, you pay only one time and enjoy usage. Besides, it crosses off the situation when you forget to prolong the subscription and can’t continue spying for a while.

Also you are able to install Phonesherrif monitor not only on one monitor device. The license is designed for 3 gadgets. That’s why you really save money with Phone Sherriff. If you have more than one child this advantage will be quite profitable.

What you can do with Phone Sheriff?

Phone Sheriff review says this application allows you restricting any content in the Web or limiting time spending on mobile gadget. You can do it for two ways: via mobile device or control panel.

All spying process is concerned on calls, texts, and social media activity. You will find out everything you need by special logs.

If you want to review all applications installed on cell phone then do it using Phone Sheriff reviews. If you find any rude software you can easily delete it. Also you are able to block any program if you like.

One of the most popular features in Phone Sheriff review is filtering websites. Use it to limit surfing in browser. For instance, filter violence, pornography, movies for adults, etc. You will appreciate that this program saves each links your child visits. PhoneSheriff allows you spying on all contents your kids have seen.

To determine where your child stands right now use location tracker option. It can’t explain you the exact location, but it will demonstrate you concrete place. Also you are able to view the movement history using additional feature.

Not so long ago developers add an extended benefit. After GPS locations changes you will receive an email. In the future they plan to make this feature available for all PhoneSheriff options.

Time limitation feature is also in demand. You can set daily limits for your child. If you are not at home you would be sure no one fractures your rules.

That’s why Phone Sheriff software can be used not only for spying on children, but also to help older parents in using modern technologies. For instance, if your mom or dad lost cell phone you can easily find it via GPS location feature and online dashboard at Besides, you can limit annoying websites with advertisements, violence, and so on.

Something you need to be ready for

Sheriff app is very good spy application for children. But also has several complications all customers will face with. In general there is nothing you can handle with.

First of all, you will have several difficulties with the installation. Unfortunately, software isn’t available in Play Market. You have to download only from official website Then it’s time to have some patience with the process of installation. You need to have access to target cell phone. The installation file must be downloaded and unpacked there. To complete the process open online dashboard and finish preparation there.

Also there are some aspects with PhoneSheriff usage. You will face with it if you are going to install application on 2 and more devices at one time. It doesn’t allow setting individual filters for all connected cell phones monitor. You are able to make general settings for all target persons. For instance, if it’s needed to limit Facebook usage to your younger child, then another child will also be limited.

Be ready that PhoneSheriff let you know only that information about your child that is connected with browser, texts, calls, and other cell phone feature. It doesn’t gather data about what happens beside it.

What is the conclusion?

Lots of customers wonder is it fair to spy on own child. As any parent you are sure that monitoring your daughter or son cell phone isn’t your fancy. Phone Sherif let you be a part of his or her life when the juvenile separates you two.

No matter that PhoneSheriff has several complications, because it is still in demand among careful parents. If you aspire to be in touch with your child don’t look for any other software monitor.

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