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Software website: spyera.com

SpyEra is a Hong Kong based company, offering solutions for monitoring cell phones and tablets. The software is compatible with Blackberry, Android, iOS and Symbian mobile devices. They offers different subscription plans, all of which are quite pricey. So, if you have some money to burn, SpyEra may be an option.

SpyEra offers many features for professional monitoring: call logging and interception, reading SMS and email, checking popular messengers and Skype chats, accessing address books and media files. You can also listen to surroundings, which may seem like a useful feature, but in most cases it proves otherwise. You don’t get much information as it is very hard to hear anything. Plus, the battery dies way faster.

Just like many other monitoring apps, SpyEra offers geo-location tracking. Location is shown on a map in real time, so you can see a route within a given period.

A good thing about SpyEra application is that you can use it for different phones as long as your license is valid. It is very convenient if a person you are monitoring changes a mobile device. However, if the person uses a single device, this feature is useless.

Blocking Capability

Even though there is a remote control feature, you cannot do much using it. You will just see which apps are installed and uninstalled and which websites are visited. However, it is impossible to block content or restrict calls.


Customer support leaves much to be desired. First, there is no live chat, so you can forget about an immediate response. Second, you cannot reach support reps by the phone number provided at the website. They just don’t pick up! So, the only way to reach them is to send a request. The company provides a very long list of FAQs in order to minimize the number of inquiries.

Price/Quality Correlation

It is more expensive than the majority of monitoring apps available today. The cost of a 3-month subscription package starts from $189. You can get more advanced software for such a high price.

Positive Features

There are three noticeable features to consider. First, the app supports Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iOS based phones. Second, SpyEra is harder to detect than some other monitoring apps. Finally, it offers a remote control feature that allows updating the app remotely.

Negative Features

SpyEra has several substantial drawbacks:

  • It can be installed only on the jailbroken devices
  • It is much more expensive than other mobile apps
  • Customer support is quite poor


SpyEra is an expensive monitoring software that does not give you good value for money. Despite a wide variety of features, the app is quite an average alternative for monitoring. It’s quite hard to install and it’s impossible to get technical support to help you out immediately.

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