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TeenSafe is a monitoring app designed for parents who are willing to protect their children from cyber-bullying and other potential threats. It offers basic features allowing you to see where your child is at the moment and whom he/she is communicating with. Even though many people are using the app, there are certain drawbacks that you should be aware of.

This parent app allows monitoring call logs and text message threads (received, sent and deleted ones). However, when accessing deleted messages, you may not find the name/number of a person who sent a message as well as the date when it was sent. The app also enables access to contact lists and browsing history. You can also get additional information about your child’s Instagram and check instant messengers (WhatsApp and Kik). Note that some of the above listed features work only with iPhones.
GPS Location Tracking Feature

Parents want to know whether their children are where they are supposed to be. Even though TeenSafe iphone offers a GPS monitoring feature, it does not give you detailed information. All you can see is the area where a phone owner is at a given moment.

Blocking capability

It is not provide any blocking capability, so you won’t be able to restrict your child from accessing certain websites or communicating with certain people.


When it comes to customer support, you have several options. First, you can access the company monitoring services by phone, but only from 6am to 7pm (Mon-Fri) or from 7am to 6pm (weekend). Also, you can send them an email or fill in a contact form. Unfortunately, there is no LiveChat in this parents monitor for an immediate response.

Price/Quality Correlation

Monthly subscription is available for $14.95. Before signing up for this deal, you can access a 7-day free trial. Note that the trial should be cancelled in advance (24 hours before it ends), otherwise you will be billed. Furthermore, many users have trouble with cancelling their subscription and getting a refund. Therefore, it’s better to think twice before buying TeenSafe.

Positive Features

  • TeenSpy provides a set of features, essential for monitoring.
  • The price is lower than rates charged by some competitors.
  • One subscription allows monitoring several phones.
  • The app does not require rooting or jailbreaking to be installed.

Negative Features

TeenSafe does not deliver the service it advertises. Some features like GPS location and deleted messages tracking do not work properly. Also, the app does not provide parental control tools, access to media files and 24/7 support. Besides, you have to be tech savvy to get the app up and running. Program works only with iOS and Android based phones, so if your child has a Nokia phone, this app won’t be helpful.

Cell Phones Supported

  • Android
  • iPhone


TeenSafe is an affordable app providing basic monitoring features for parents willing to protect their kids. However, it lacks certain tools crucial for effective monitoring. Additionally, it is very hard to get your money back and benefit from instant customer support.

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