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There are lots of reasons why you may need a tracking app. The most common customers of phone tracking software are parents who want to make sure their kids aren’t involved in anything unhealthy, illegal, or communication with suspicious strangers on their smartphones, and employers, who want to find out whether their employees are using their work time wisely and are not communicating with the competitors of the business. If you have these concerns too, then you can choose from dozens of popular spy apps available today. However, some of these apps are clearly more popular than the others, and today we’ll review the Truth Spy, an app that generated quite a buzz when it was originally released.
Another very popular reason to use tracking apps is to prevent the data stored on our phones from disappearing forever in case the phone gets lost or stolen. Given how much sensitive and personal data we store on our phones, from banking information to family photos, losing the device along with all the data would be a disaster. Luckily, a spy app like the Truth Spy will help you get the precious information back by simply downloading a copy of your data from the cloud.

There are many reasons why a user would choose the Truth Spy Android. This app offers a wide range of features, some of which may be standard for a high quality phone spy, while others are unique to this particular app. Here are some of the most useful features of the Truth Spy – the ones that have won most of the fans over.

● Live Call Recording, which is one of the most coveted features for parents. With this feature you will be able to listen to every phone call made by the target device without anyone knowing. The call will be saved into a sound file and sent to your account for future use.

● Internet Access Tracking, which allows you to find out which websites are accessed from the target device and the online activity of the user. With the help of this feature you will
also be able to restrict access to unwanted internet addresses.

● Listening to Surroundings, which is a pretty unique function. It allows you to make stealth calls to the target device and listen to everything that is happening in the background. You can use this feature to know exactly where your kid is and who they’re spending time with.

● Monitor Chat Apps, mainly WhatsApp. WhatsApp is among the most popular app among teens and adults, so there is a very good chance your kid or employee uses it all the time to chat with friends – now you can verify there is no illegal activity taking place.
These are the most attractive features of the Truth Spy app, but in reality this software has much more to offer to its users. Here is what you can also get if you decide to install the Truth Spy Android.

● Track SMS messages
● Access contact information
● Get real-time notifications and alerts
● Monitor app usage
● Check the calendar and notes
● Track the location of the device via GPS
● View the key logger
● Access photos, videos, and other media files

In addition to a wide variety of useful monitoring features, the Truth Spy Android also offers 24/7 customer support, which is especially important to first-time users who are guaranteed to have questions and concerns when they’re only beginning to use the phone spy. Needless to say, the app promises to ensure 100% protection against being detected, so you can track the target device at all times without the fear of getting uncovered.

Despite all the positive features of the Truth Spy, there are some downsides as well. The most important drawback of the Truth Spy Android is its limited support for operating system: the only two systems supported are iOS and Android, while BlackBerry and Windows Phone users will need to look for another phone spy app to install. Fortunately, that may be the only considerable disadvantage of the Truth Spy, and, other than that, it’s perfectly capable phone spy software.

Remote Installation & Customer Support

The installation process is another key feature of a monitoring app, which is especially important to inexperienced users, who will simply not be able to go through a complicated installation routine. The app can be easily downloaded and installed remotely on the target phone once you’ve activated your license, and, starting from that moment, you will be able to access every single one of the tracking features we’ve described above. Moreover, you will be able to control the software remotely once it’s installed – for example, disabling or uninstalling the app, as well as accessing different kinds of data, can all be done without a physical access to the phone.

One more serious advantage of the Truth Spy Android is their superior customer support. It doesn’t matter if you’re a technology expert or are not that familiar with phone spy apps and the way they work, you will inevitably have queries about the Truth Spy service, and your queries will be happily answered by the customer support. Contact the support at any time to receive a timely and knowledgeable response to your question. It needs to be said that the customer support of the Truth Spy Android surpasss the customer services offered by many other spy apps. Plus, there is a 14-day money back guarantee in case you’re not entirely happy with the software.


There are dozens of phone spy apps available today, which is why new software needs to have some outstanding features in order to succeed in the business. The Truth Spy may not be the most outstanding spying software in the market, but it still has some strong advantages, including:

● Wide range of features
● 100% stealth monitoring
● Great customer support
● Money back guarantee
● Affordable pricing

We can’t finish the Truth Spy review without mentioning the disadvantages of the software – most importantly, the limited operating system support. However, if you own an iOS or Android device, you may be perfectly happy with the Truth Spy.

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